Is it possible to earn a Master's degree without dissertation?

Postgraduate studies are something many students yearn to partake on because with it, comes even greater honors and a future brighter. This is all about getting the opportunity to pursue your master’s studies and the question which many always ask is whether one can partake on it without writing a dissertation paper. Usually, it is project after project, presentation after presentation and the thought of evading this seems unrealistic for most part of it. Well, with writing being the main means through which students get to partake on a range of academic activities, perhaps your starting point should be sharpening your writing skills. This is so to guard you against impromptu writing assignments in the event that they come along even if you succeed to partake on a Master’s degree study without doing your dissertation paper.

A master’s without a term paper write up can as well be referred to as non-thesis option. But here is the question. What makes the difference between thesis master’s program and non-thesis master’s program? This far, it is definitely agreeable that one can partake on postgraduate studies without necessarily doing a term paper but here is the major concern. What aspects make this possible? Or which route should a student take if he or she wants to take a non-thesis based program? Below, I shed more light on this for deeper understanding so read on for details.

It depends on the subject you take

Well, the subject or course you are taking at postgraduate level may be a reason to avoid writing your thesis paper. This is because there are subjects that need more hands on experience that writing project papers. A case in point here is computer science whereby inventing something new such as program will make more impact and sense compared to writing a project paper.

Field experience versus intensive classroom learning

If you already have some experience in your field of study say you are attending classes in line with your job and are not in a hurry to finish your program, you can opt out of dissertation writing option. This is however not the case when you don’t have any experience.

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